Fiberich has been working with peas since 1982 and has been given credit for putting pea fiber as well as pea flour into commerce.

Fiberich has the expertise required to process legumes into protein, starch and precooked powders.

Fiberich Lite ® concentrate is a special blend of fibers applied when formulating high fiber breads and sweet goods.

Pea and Fava (Faba) bean flours are highly nutritious as well as being functional in bakery and extruded items. Pea flour reduces mixing times, adds texture, aroma and flavor when added to bakery formulations, as well as,  whitening white pan bread. Product also helps prevent crumbling when added to  extruded items. Fava bean flour imparts the legat and crunchy texture required to bake “real “ French bread.

Pea fiber is a finely ground fiber applicable to most high fiber food items. Physically product consists of an 85% highly absorptive dietary fiber.

All ingredients Fiberich processes are all natural, not chemically or GMO modified and are readily ingested.  

Fiberich’s pea fiber and flour are also being used to formulate healthy pet foods

Ingredients are available in 25# Bags, 50# Bags, 2,000# SuperSak Totes and Truck Loads.
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